Lymphatic Drainage/Post Surgery Recovery by Oceanflowers Therapeutics

Oceanflowers Therapeutics is certified by the Academy of lymphatic studies using the Vodder technique. I offer lymphatic drainage and all pre/post surgery recovery services. A healthy lymphatic system is essential to the body's ability to filter out foreign substances and toxins that can have a negative impact on your body. With over 25 years of experience as a massage therapist/lymphatic drainage specialist, I have personal experiences with plastic surgery recovery. Which allows me to make every treatment specific to each client. This type of treatment is done with a very intuitive light touch, so it is not painful, and most clients find it to be very relaxing. Some additional benefits of lymphatic drainage include boosting your immnue system, help with weight loss, circulation, alleviating chronic pain, and promoting an overall healthier and more enjoyable life.

Detox Lymphatic + Massage

Indulge in the ultimate treat! This unique session combines the relaxing benefits of Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) to aid in muscle relaxation and detoxification. Our bodies naturally need to detox, but factors like health conditions and daily stress can cause toxins to become trapped in our muscles, hindering their release. This treatment not only supports your immune, cardiovascular, and nervous systems but also provides a holistic wellness experience. Enhance your detox lymphatic massages with optional 15, 30, or 60-minute massages for a truly comprehensive wellness treatment.

Enhance your healing and recovery with the therapeutic benefits of surgical lymphatic massage.

Swelling, hardening, bruising, and nerve discomfort are common side effects of cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, lymphatic massage offers relief from these issues. By stimulating the flow of fluids, lymphatic massage aids in the removal of excess waste and fluid from the body's lymphatic passages. This promotes faster healing and enhances comfort during the recovery process. Lymphatics can also provide support when your immune system isn't functioning correctly. This helps with cancer patients, patients recovering from cancer, or those suffering from radiation treatments.



Lymphatic massage plays a crucial role in preparing the body for surgery by effectively eliminating any stagnant toxins and waste present in or around the surgical sites. This therapeutic technique helps optimize the body's condition, ensuring a smoother and more successful surgical experience.


Prior to undergoing surgery, receiving Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) treatments aids in preparing the targeted body area. By stimulating the lymphatic system's vessels, MLD effectively eliminates cellular waste products, bacteria, viruses, excess proteins, fluid, and other unwanted substances from the interstitial spaces. In essence, it purifies the tissue and optimizes the cellular environment, creating an optimal condition for the surgical procedure.

Prior to surgery, the administration of MLD treatment can yield the following effects:

Reducing the risk of post-surgical infection, minimizing excessive swelling, and minimizing bruising are all important factors to consider. Additionally, preventing scar tissue formation and supporting the immune system's ability to process post-surgical changes are crucial.

When to Schedule?

For optimal outcomes, it is recommended to undergo one to three consecutive treatments prior to surgery. It is advised to schedule these treatments with a two-week interval before the surgery. This approach has proven to yield the most favorable results.

Post-Surgical Lymphatic Massage Following surgery, swelling is a common and vital aspect of the inflammatory healing process. However, excessive or prolonged swelling can present challenges, including prolonged healing times, heightened pain, increased infection risk, persistent swelling, and undesirable effects on scar formation, such as unwanted adhesions and reduced range of motion. It is crucial to manage swelling effectively to ensure a smooth recovery.

This is why Plastic Surgeons strongly advise undergoing Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatments.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) has demonstrated remarkable success in effectively treating post-surgical swelling by directly addressing these concerns. Following surgery, the lymphatic and immune systems are in overdrive, diligently repairing and nourishing the tissues. Similar to its pre-surgical application, MLD plays a crucial role as a vital and advantageous treatment modality. It enhances the localized circulation of nutrient-rich blood, essential for tissue healing, while simultaneously supporting and stimulating the lymphatic system to efficiently eliminate unwanted cellular debris and excess fluid. This accelerated process promotes faster recovery and optimal healing.

Benefits: Accelerated healing times, minimized scar formation, decreased risk of infection, and reduced bruising and pain—are just a few of the benefits of incorporating Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) after surgery. MLD also has a profound effect on calming the entire nervous system, allowing the body to activate its natural healing mechanisms in a relaxed state.

When to Schedule?

It is advisable to schedule your first lymphatic massage after your one-week follow-up with the surgeon, as this will help maintain the improved speed and performance of your treatments. Given that appointment can fill up quickly and your treatments are centered around your surgery, it is recommended to book multiple lymphatic massages once you have finalized your surgery date. Ideally, these treatments should be spaced 3-10 days apart, with a minimum of 3 sessions being common, although additional sessions may be necessary. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to me by completing the contact form provided here.

If you've undergone a tummy tuck or breast implant procedure, rest assured that your comfort is my priority! I can adjust my table to provide a more upright position until you feel at ease lying flat.