Deep Tissue Massage by Oceanflowers Therapeutics

Our deep tissue massage therapy technique is the perfect way to reduce tension and stress in the body. This powerful yet gentle massage works deep into the tissue layers of the muscle to target specific areas that need attention. Whether you need relief from tight muscles due to physical activity or if you want an overall relaxation massage, a deep tissue massage is sure to meet your needs. We also offer craniosacral massage and skin tightening. Our massage therapists have the experience to offer the best massages in the Monterey area. Contact us today to book an appointment!

Deep Tissue Massage This technique disrupts the cycle of stress, tension, and pain by promoting muscle relaxation, improving circulation, and restoring neuromuscular balance. Tailored to alleviate muscular pain, address soft tissue injuries, and enhance range of motion, it employs deliberate, slower strokes with increased pressure applied against the grain of the muscles.